Tennessee Levees


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Name County USGS Topo Map
Above Loosahatchie Dikes Shelby Northwest Memphis
Ashport Keyes Point Revetment Lauderdale Golddust
Ashport Revetment Lauderdale Rosa
Below Richardsons Landing Dikes Tipton Nodena
Below Tamm Bend Dikes Lauderdale Chic
Below Toneys Towhead Revetment Lake Point Pleasant
Bend of Island Number Fourteen Revetment Lake Mooring
Bend of Island Number Twentyfive Revetment Lauderdale Open Lake
Blaker Towhead Revetment Dyer Tennemo
Blue Bank Levee Lake Ridgely
Booth Point Dikes Dyer Caruthersville SE
Cedar Point Dikes Tipton Drummonds
Chute of Island Number Thirtyfive Revetment Tipton Nodena
Chute of Island Number Thirty-five Revetment Tipton Pecan Point
Corona Bar Dikes Tipton Pecan Point
Cottonwood Point Dikes Dyer Cottonwood Point
Daniels Point Revetment Lauderdale Rosa
Densford Dikes Tipton Pecan Point
Densford Revetment Tipton Drummonds
Dike Number Five Lake Tennemo
Elmot Bar Revetment Lauderdale Osceola
Ensley Revetment Shelby Fletcher Lake
Forked Deer Dikes Lauderdale Open Lake
Fritz Revetment Lake Tennemo
Gold Dust Dike Lauderdale Golddust
Happy Valley Revetment Tipton Frenchmans Bayou
Hathway Dikes Lake Caruthersville
Head of Island Number Thirteen Dikes Lake Mooring
Head of Island Number Twentyone Dikes Dyer Cottonwood Point
Heloise Revetment Dyer Cottonwood Point
Island Number Fifteen Dikes Lake Caruthersville
Island Number Fifteen Revetment Lake Caruthersville
Island Number Nine Revetment Lake Tiptonville
Island Number Thirty Revetment Lauderdale Osceola
Island Number Twentyone Chute Dike Dyer Chic
Island Number Twentysix Revetment Lauderdale Rosa
Kate Aubrey Dikes Lauderdale Osceola
Keyes Point Dikes Lauderdale Osceola
Lee Towhead Revetment Lake Mooring
Linwood Bend Revetment Dyer Caruthersville SE
Lookout Revetment Lauderdale Nodena
Loosahatchie Bar Dikes Shelby Northwest Memphis
Loosahatchie Bar Revetment Shelby Northwest Memphis
Loosahatchie-Memphis Revetment Shelby Northwest Memphis
Memphis Harbor Revetment Shelby Northwest Memphis
Merriwether-Cherokee Revetment Lake Mooring
Morgan Point Dikes Tipton Nodena
Obion-Tamm Revetment Lauderdale Open Lake
Plum Point Dikes Lauderdale Osceola
Poker Point Dikes Shelby Locke
Presidents Island Dikes and Retards Shelby Southwest Memphis
Presidents Island Revetment Shelby Southwest Memphis
Randolph Dikes Shelby Locke
Robinson Bayou Revetment Lake Caruthersville
Robinson Crusoe Dikes Shelby Northwest Memphis
Saint Francis Levee Tipton Frenchmans Bayou
Shelby Forest Revetment Shelby Locke
Slough Landing Neck Revetment Lake Tiptonville
Sunrise Island Revetment Lauderdale Nodena
Tennessee Chute Revetment Shelby Southwest Memphis
Watson Point Dike Lake Tiptonville
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