Tennessee Land Garants and Other (Census Class Code NA)


Tennessee Land Grants & Other Unclassified Civil Features

Civil Features Not Classified by the US Census Bureau:

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Name County USGS Topo Map
Distict 1 (historical) Anderson Big Ridge Park
District 1 (historical) Dyer Friendship
District 1 (historical) Carroll Spring Creek
District 1 (historical) DeKalb Alexandria
District 1 (historical) Hardin Olivehill
District 1 (historical) Gibson Spring Creek
District 1 (historical) Maury Primm Springs
District 1 (historical) Crockett Bells
District 1 (historical) Montgomery Sango
District 1 (historical) Washington Telford
District 10 (historical) Washington Johnson City
District 10 (historical) Dyer Dyersburg
District 10 (historical) Montgomery Henrietta
District 10 (historical) DeKalb Center Hill Dam
District 10 (historical) Crockett Chestnut Bluff
District 10 (historical) Maury Mount Pleasant
District 10 (historical) Gibson Kenton
District 10 (historical) Hardin Counce
District 10 (historical) Carroll Mansfield
District 10 (historical) Anderson Duncan Flats
District 11 (historical) Gibson Dyer
District 11 (historical) Dyer Chic
District 11 (historical) Carroll Buena Vista
District 11 (historical) Hardin Pittsburg Landing
District 11 (historical) Maury Sandy Hook
District 11 (historical) Crockett Maury City
District 11 (historical) DeKalb Liberty
District 11 (historical) Montgomery Clarksville
District 11 (historical) Anderson Powell
District 11 (historical) Washington Boone Dam
District 12 (historical) Washington Boone Dam
District 12 (historical) Montgomery Clarksville
District 12 (historical) DeKalb Liberty
District 12 (historical) Crockett Friendship
District 12 (historical) Gibson Milan
District 12 (historical) Maury Sandy Hook
District 12 (historical) Hardin Milledgeville
District 12 (historical) Carroll Palmer Shelter
District 12 (historical) Dyer Fowlkes
District 12 (historical) Anderson Clinton
District 13 (historical) Anderson Norris
District 13 (historical) Dyer Fowlkes
District 13 (historical) Carroll Clarksburg
District 13 (historical) Hardin Sardis
District 13 (historical) Gibson Milan
District 13 (historical) Maury Mount Pleasant
District 13 (historical) DeKalb Alexandria
District 13 (historical) Montgomery Palmyra
District 13 (historical) Washington Sullivan Gardens
District 13 (historical) Crockett Chestnut Bluff
District 14 (historical) Washington Leesburg
District 14 (historical) Montgomery Henrietta
District 14 (historical) DeKalb Sligo Bridge
District 14 (historical) Maury Williamsport
District 14 (historical) Crockett Chestnut Bluff
District 14 (historical) Gibson Bradford
District 14 (historical) Hardin Olivehill
District 14 (historical) Carroll Yuma
District 14 (historical) Anderson Lake City
District 14 (historical) Dyer Caruthersville SE
District 15 (historical) Dyer Trimble
District 15 (historical) Carroll Buena Vista
District 15 (historical) Hardin Pittsburg Landing
District 15 (historical) Gibson Trezevant West
District 15 (historical) Crockett Friendship
District 15 (historical) Maury Mount Joy
District 15 (historical) DeKalb Liberty
District 15 (historical) Montgomery Excell
District 15 (historical) Washington Jonesborough
District 16 (historical) Washington Leesburg
District 16 (historical) Montgomery Excell
District 16 (historical) DeKalb Center Hill Dam
District 16 (historical) Maury Mount Joy
District 16 (historical) Gibson Brazil
District 16 (historical) Hardin Milledgeville
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